Full Mouth Reconstruction

full mouth reconstruction

full mouth reconstructionFull Mouth Reconstruction is the ultimate service for dental implant patients, and also for patients who may not need implants, but who have bad teeth. Full Mouth Reconstruction is not just replacing old crowns and fillings with new ones. It is a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy and a complex process that involves not only teeth, but the treatment of the entire mouth. It is imperative that the new bite, of all the teeth, must be in harmony with the movements of the jaw. A variety 0f muscles, tendons, nerves and supporting bone structures in the head, face, neck, shoulders, are part of the bite. They must work in maximum function and comfort for the patient. This will prevent further loss, trauma and harm to the structures of the teeth.

Some of the reasons that patients might need full mouth reconstruction are:

  • To acquire a more youthful appearanceDental Implant Crowns on Model
  • To restore form and function of the teeth
  • To be able to eat whatever food you wish, without fear or embarrassment
  • Excessive, generalized tooth wear
  • Over closure, collapsed bite, of the jaw
  • Patients who feel tired and look old
  • An uneven or imperfect bite that is causing chronic headaches
  • Headaches caused or worsened by TMJ Syndrome
  • Pain and "clicking" sounds in the jaw joints
  • Missing multiple teeth, collapses the bite
  • Excessive accumulation of plaque by old restorations causing bad breath (Halitosis), gum disease and tooth loss
  • Patients that are uncomfortable with their false teeth and looks
  • Patients with congenital imperfections in the teeth structures
  • Patients with generalized, dark gray or yellow tetracycline stained teeth

Dental implants may or may not be needed to accomplish the desired result for you. Every effort will be made to restore all natural teeth that have a good long-term outlook. However, if necessary, dental implants provide a great alternative to missing or hopeless natural teeth. This will allow you to once again regain that youthful appearance and confidence that you once knew.

Completed Full Mouth ReconstructionPatients with head and neck pain, often find real relief as an added benefit of Full Mouth Reconstruction. Missing teeth, trauma, or a collapsed bite, are some of the more common causes of chronic headaches. These patients are simply amazed at the relief they may experience. Most often, they find no further need for pain medication.

If you have the same problem or condition of any of those listed above, you may be a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Ask Implant Dentist about your special needs by calling (256) 384-8424 TODAY or by filling out our contact request for an examination and consultation for a possible full mouth reconstruction.