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Think of a dental implant as a replacement "tooth root" that supports your beautiful new teeth. Dental implants perform MUCH better than dentures. Explore our site to learn more about this almost miraculous treatment.

1. Single Tooth Implant –  can be used for replacing one or a few teeth
2. Multiple Tooth Implants –  recommended for people who have several damaged teeth in a consecutive row, regardless of their position.
3. Full Mouth Reconstruction – a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy and process that involves not only teeth but treatment of the entire mouth

The Dental Implant Recovery Period

The Dental Implant recovery time needed and healing process can be reduced by following some very important care tips. If you keep these in mind it will help the healing happen faster and without as much pain or discomfort.

Prescribed Pain Relief and Swelling Medication:

Your dentist will manage your the discomfort and swelling of your gums by prescribing pain relief medication. As always, you need to take these according to the directions. You should also check with your pharmacist for any drug interactions with other medications you may be taking. Even if you feel that you can manage the pain, you should still take the medication on the first day because by the evening this could get worse, or swelling can intensify. After that, you may try non-prescription pain medication. Discuss this with your implant dentist.

Use a Lukewarm Salt Water Rinse:

Salt is known for its beneficial healing effect, so, to speed up recovery, you should rinse your mouth regularly with salt water. Rinse about 2 to three times per day with the lukewarm salt water mix, and this will help greatly in reducing the swelling and discomfort. The mix for this salt water rinse is to add one teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and stir well until the salt is dissolved.

Brushing Teeth Very Gently:

Even though you just had dental implants placed, continuing your daily dental care is extremely important. After surgery is the time when infections can begin, so brush to keep food particles away. Use an extremely soft bristled brush for brushing during your recovery period.

brush your teethApply gentle circular motions, and be careful with the sensitive area where you have stitches. After you brush, remember to rinse with the salt water rinse. This will remove all of the bacteria and the healing process can happen much faster and more efficiently.

Another extra measure is to use a special toothpaste or mouthwash that contains only natural extracts, and no chemicals, abrasives, or harsh ingredients.

What Foods are Suggested While Dental Implants Heal?

It is highly recommended that you will switch to a soft food diet after getting dental implants placed. That way, you won’t apply too much pressure on your gums and teeth, and your digestion will still work very well. Yogurts, fresh vegetables, fruit juices, puddings, and purees are all foods that can be eaten with confidence after the dental implant surgery. You should also try to eat plenty of healthy foods, which will aid in your healing process.

It is extremely important to take extra care during your dental implant recovery process. Give your mouth the proper time to heal, and give your body the healthy nutrients it needs to accelerate that healing. Your mouth needs to be kept as clean as possible,  which is why gentle brushing and the salt water rinses are recommended three times per day.

With proper care you can be confident that your dental implants will be strong, stable, and durable and will last many years.

Dental Implants Save Money – Improve Quality of Life

A New Report Concludes Dental Implants Save Costs and Improve Quality of Life

dental implantsA report recently published in the Mar-April 2013 International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants shows that dental implant procedures may offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments for tooth replacement, like dentures.

The report, also cited on PubMed, the US National Library of Medicine located at the National Institutes of Health, is based on a review of all available studies published in English between 2000 and 2010 relating to the cost-effectiveness of various tooth-replacement options.

A major objective of the research was to conduct an extensive literature search and to combine all the related findings into one document that could serve as a single point of reference for medical and dental professionals and patients. The fact that it was published by a leading peer-reviewed scientific journal endorses the quality of the research.

In total, 14 studies on long-term dental implant costs vs traditional costs were included in the final review, which returned the below resulting conclusions:

For a single-tooth implant replacement, implant-based solutions were deemed as cost-saving and/or cost-effective in comparison with traditional tooth-borne procedures, such as a bridge.

For patients with full dentures, dental implants were associated with higher initial costs than traditional dentures – however, most studies concluded that, over the long term, dental implants represent a more cost-effective treatment option.

Dental Implants Improve Quality of Life

Patient's acceptance, willingness to pay for, and the satisfaction they have with dental implants was high, expecially in elderly patients who had no teeth. A trend toward patients overall improved oral-health quality of life and a decreased overall health care cost was also determined.

Dental implants are a very effective way to replace missing teeth and to provide a fixed, stable dental solution instead of having removable partial or a full set of dentures. Dental Implants provide excellent support and stability when compared to these other dental treatment options.

Dental implants are artificial roots (usually titanium) for new teeth that are surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw bone by an implant dentist. The teeth attached to the implants are natural looking, so they will enhance and restore a patient’s smile! Restoring the normal chewing function is another huge benefit only provided by dental implants, when replacing removable partial or full dentures.

What Does the Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

The dental implant treatment procedure may require a number of visits to the implant dentist's office over several months.

X-rays and impressions (molds) are taken of the jaw and teeth to determine the amount of bone and gum tissue present and the spacing available for an implant. Then, if there is sufficient bone and spacing, the implant will be surgically placed into the bone and given time, sometimes up to 6 months, for the bone to heal around the implant, which will serve to make the implant a stabel platform for the new tooth. Depending on the type of implant used, a second surgery may be required to place the “post” that will hold the artificial tooth in place. With some implants the post and anchor are already attached and placed at the same time. Both these processes are done with appropriate sedation and the use of a local anesthetic, making the procedure a comfortable experience.

You can be confident that your dental implants are very strong, stable, and durable and will last many years, as long as natural teeth – a life time. Call (256) 384-8424 today or send a contact request to schedule a consultation.



Affordable Dentures?

teeth in a glassAffordable Dentures. Really? Is there such a thing? Only if a patient considers the initial cost – but NOT when the long term costs are considered. Why is that true?

The true cost of any dental or medical procedure must take into account, not only the initial cost, but the long term costs and side effects compared with the benefits of that procedure.

Benefits of Affordable Dentures

So, just what are the “benefits” of affordable dentures? To be sure, they are limited to the initial low cost and more immediate results. That’s it! Some may say that they look good, but a patient still has that identifiable “denture look” – a low cost, quick solution appearance.

Long Term Costs of Affordable Dentures

That brings us to the long term cost, which is the highest cost of all procedures, that most patients do not consider. So called affordable dentures are the most destructive dental option that a patient can choose. Destructive? Why? You must consider that natural teeth have many functions, and one of the most important is to maintain and preserve the normal bone that we all have with natural teeth.

When teeth are lost, that bone-preserving function is also lost, and the bone begins to change by getting smaller over the years. This loss of normal bone is vastly accelerated with the use of dentures, whether full mouth or partial dentures. Dentures exert an uncontrolled destructive force upon the remaining bone. This is much like the force that the orthodontist uses to straighten natural teeth, but with braces, this force is controlled for the patient’s benefit.

Denture Patients Can Loose Up to 40% of Remaining Bone

denture patients bone lossWith the force caused by dentures, the bone is destroyed over the years. A denture patient can loose up to 40% of the remaining bone in the mouth, within 1 to 2 years after dentures are placed. This is why a denture patient has an advanced older look. When their dentures are removed this look is horrific, as the face and its normal contours collapse.

Affordable Dentures are Very Limiting

Affordable dentures most often are very uncomfortable and severely limit a patient’s ability to eat any food desired. Go into any grocery or drugstore and you will see a multitude of denture adhesives that offer a little more comfort or stability for dentures. There existence is a testimony to the ultimate failure of affordable dentures.

A Better Way – Dental Implants

choose dental implants over denturesIs there a better way? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES!…and that solution is the use of permanent dental implants.

Only dental implants restore the normal function and look of natural teeth – without the destructive effects of dentures. Dental implants attach to the normal bone and are totally stable like the natural teeth. Another big advantage is that they stop the further loss of bone, as they maintain and preserve bone just like teeth. This has the added benefit to help maintain the youthful looks of a beautiful smile with no fear of loose dentures. A dental implant patient enjoys the ability to eat whatever they wish without concern of the embarrassment of affordable dentures.

Affordable Denture Costs Are Actually Higher Than Dental Implants

Therefore, when one considers the long term and total costs of affordable dentures, that cost is just too high. Cost is measured, not only in money, but a quality and enjoyment of life that only dental implants can offer.

To consider the multitude of positive benefits of dental implants, do yourself a big favor and call a qualified dentist to discuss this option for you. You will be thankful later that you made that phone call.

Call Implant Dentist's office today at (256) 384-8424 to setup an initial consult to discuss how dental implants can be an affordable investment in your future well-being and health.

What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

There are many good things people say about dental implants, and their advantages over other tooth replacements. But before scheduling your appointment to get them, let us first learn the basics about dental implants.

dental implantsFirst, what are dental implants? Dental implants are root-like devices shaped like a screw and is usually made of titanium. They are surgically inserted into the jawbone, when there is enough of it to ensure ample anchorage. After healing, a restoration is attached in order to replace a tooth or a set of teeth. They are permanent and very durable and they look and feel like natural teeth, making them very popular.

One other good thing about dental implants is the fact that there are no limitations with age for you to have them. Children to the elderly, with missing tooth problems, can get them. However, they must be cleared of any contraindicated conditions like uncontrolled diabetes and bone cancer.

If you are concerned with surgery, do not worry. During the procedure, an effective sedative and local anesthetic will be used to make sure you are free from any discomfort. You will also be given medications to ensure comfort after surgery.

Dental implants are the most successful procedures in dentistry. However, there are several factors that may affect the long-term success of dental implants. First, is the quality and quantity of the jawbone. The better the quality of bone and with appropriate bone height and width, the higher the chance of long-term success. Another factor is the quality of the restoration used on top of the implant. Only the best materials and procedures should be used. And lastly, is the capability and experience of the dental surgeon who will perform the implantation. There is no substitute to ensuring the right doctor to do the best surgery for you. It is always best that you feel confident with the professional to whom you are entrusting your health. With years of successful experience, Dr. Tatum easily fulfills that requirement.

So, you ask now, who can place a dental implant? Dental implantation can be done by a periodontist, an oral surgeon, or a general dentist (implantologist) properly trained in implant surgery. If you go to a periodontist or an oral surgeon, you will also have to see a restorative dentist because periodontists and oral surgeons are only trained to do the implant, while the general dentist (implantologist) will be the one to construct and put on the crown (cap). But, with implantologists, both the surgical insertion of the implant and the attachment of the tooth or teeth is completed in one location,, which can be a huge benefit. Dr. Tatum offers both procedure in his office.

Maintenance of dental implants is not unlike natural teeth. Professional cleaning and examination, twice per year is recommended. And, of course, nothing beats daily brushing and flossing to maintain not just your implants, but your overall oral and general health.

For further information on dental implants, you may contact Dr. Tatum at (256) 384-8424 or fill out a contact request form.